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Scottish Universities Law Clinic Network (SULCN)

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The Scottish University Law Clinic Network (SULCN) is an initiative that brings together, and raises awareness of, student law clinics in Scotland.

These law clinics aim to address access to justice problems across society in a variety of ways, including:

  • public legal education, to allow people to recognise when they have a problem with a legal solution or (ideally) to avoid a legal problem in the first place;
  • advice and (where possible) assistance to resolve a legal problem where alternative support is not available, which might be the case when someone is not eligible for “legal aid” but is not otherwise able to afford professional legal advice;
  • campaigning for appropriate law reform where the legal system creates barriers to accessible legal solutions; and
  • introducing law students to issues of social justice early in their educational development, in the hope that they will take a commitment to social justice forward into their legal careers. 
Address: School of Law, Taylor Building
Town: Aberdeen
Postcode: AB24 3UB