These focus groups were by researchers from the School of Health and Life Sciences working on a community engagement. The idea for these focus groups came from the teams research into policy.

Project Description

Across the UK and particular in Scotland there is a huge emphasis on community in policy but perhaps one that hasn’t been fully explored or discussed in terms of what is meant by community The focus groups were with people representing third sector organisations, professionals who are working for statutory sectors through nursing, social care, health care and also with members of the public. During the sessions, some of these concerns around community and community engagement and what they actually mean to people who are operationalising working with ideas on the ground were discussed.

Project Aims

The intention is to structure a paper which highlights some of the concerns and opportunities around this notion of community which we will then take to civil servants. The intention is that we will help the Scottish Government to think more clearly and hopefully generate policy that is going to be more helpful for people.

GCU Department:
Community and Public Engagement,Social Work
GCU School:
School of Health and Life Sciences
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Project budget: N/A
Project with: Social Work Scotland
Lead Partner: Jane Devine, Business Manager
Number of GCU Students: 0
Number of GCU Staff: 5