Project Details

Environmental Justice and Social Work

Sep 2019
Sep 2019
GCU Staff Team

Provocation presentations and open space workshop and discussion. 20 Social Workers from different local authorities in the UK attended the event. At the end of the workshop, participants were asked to set themselves an objective of something they could do in their professional or personal life that will have a positive effect on the environment

Project Description


• Several themes emerged from the responses of participants
about social work’s concern to the provocations: climate
issues, community, service-users, education, systems.

• The postcards which were each illustrated with original
designs inspired by the theme and created by GCU student,
Murin Currie were sent out to participants three months after
the event reminding people of the objective, they had
set themselves.

• Masters Student, Tze Yeng Ng who presented on the day has
since undertaken a piece of research with a number of the
people who attended and is working on this for publication.
Her project was about looking at how some of the barriers
to thinking environmentally in social work.

• Heather was invited to present at learning network west to
practice teachers in social work working across the west of

• Heather has been invited to a Clyde Rebuilt workshop
with Climate Ready Clyde.They are looking at a systems
approach to climate adaptation in the Clyde area and have
brought together a group of interdisciplinary scholars and
representations form health trusts and local authorities.

• Lambhill Stables are interested in working on a PhD
proposal together with GCU around social work and the
use of community.

Project Aims

To share examples to influence teaching and practice in
social work and make connections with external partners so
CPE supported the organisation of this event.

GCU Department:
Social Work
GCU School:
School of Health and Life Sciences
Project Location:
Glasgow Caledonian University
Project budget: N/A
Project with: University of Stirling
Lead Partner: Dr Sandra Engstrom
Timespan of involvement: 1 day
Number of GCU Students: 2
Number of GCU Staff: 1
Modes of Engagement: Workshop