Project Details

Explorathon: Middle of Scotland Science Festival (MoSSFest)

Oct 2019
Oct 2019

Two stands at the event: Tick Awareness including distribution of tick removal tools to dog owners and 3D Tick Art and Renewable Energy Physics. Volunteers engaged with around 150 people across the two stands on the day and a new audience in the West of Scotland.

Project Description

This was the first year GCU STEM had been part of the event with activities originally run at GCU’s Community Science Day 2019, taking them to a wider audience. One of the student volunteers applied and became a GCU Student Mentor and developed and delivered Engineering content for their S2 Think Ahead event in February 2020. The other student volunteer Ellie Logan who is an Event Management student had been working with Susan during 2018-19 to run Glasgow Science Festival events and supported other CPE events gaining a lot of experience. Ellie is also now a student mentor.

Project Aims

To reach new audiences with research and in particular a targeted audience of families, people who like the outdoors and pet owners.

Project Location:
Mugdock Country Park
Project budget: N/A
Project with: University of Glasgow
Timespan of involvement: 1 day
Number of GCU Students: 2
Number of GCU Staff: 2