Project Details

Explorathon: Riverside Extravaganza

Sep 2019
Sep 2019

Two stands at the event: Risk and Resilience and Sustainable Communities. The Renewable Energy Physics activity at the Sustainable Communities stand was an opportunity to use the new kit which had been funded by an Institute of Physics Scotland public engagement grant at the end of last academic year. This was the first time the Department of Risk in GCU’s Glasgow School for Business and Society have been part of the event and Susan Grant, student Murin Currie, and Dr Adekola co-created a brand-new autism friendly public engagement activity to help families plan for home emergencies and understand community resilience. 11 volunteers engaged with around 150 people on the Friday and 200 on the Saturday.

Project Description

The Scottish Government’s Ready Scotland are interested in the research from the day and seeing the activity develop further based on feedback from the public and the delivery team Game developed for the Risk and Resilience activity went on reach the semi-final of the
Converge Kickstart with Dr Josephine Adekola in June 2020. Continuing relationship with Glasgow Public Engagement partners.

Project Aims

Riverside Extravanga was the key event in the Glasgow Explorathon programme. CPE coordinated GCU’s contribution to this event and developed new public engagement content.

This event is a celebration of research in our City and
is a really energising event for our researchers to be part of.
It also takes GCU’s research to a new audience and allows
a space for trying out new activities for families with
a large footfall.

Project Location:
Riverside Museum, Glasgow
Project budget: N/A
Project with: University of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde
Timespan of involvement: 2 days
Number of GCU Students: 11
Number of GCU Staff: 5