The ‘Families Connect’ programme, supports parents to further develop their learning, life skills and confidence. 

Project Description

A family’s level of educational attainment has important implications for their children’s economic wellbeing, education, and health. The group offers the opportunity for skill development, acknowledging that children may benefit directly or in-directly from the achievements of their parents. The need to build up a peer network that encourages families to maintain their journey is paramount. Through ‘Families Connect’ the community has found a forum in which they can achieve qualifications, develop community partnerships and acquire skills which benefits the family unit as a whole.

Project Aims

Within Drumchapel the Caledonian Club has worked to develop strong partnerships and from one such partnership the desperate need for establishing a greater sense of community and to challenge the sense of isolation often experienced within the area was highlighted. Families Connect was our starting point.

GCU Department:
The Caledonian Club
GCU School:
Outreach and Community Engagement
Project Location:
Drumchapel, Glasgow
Project budget: N/A
Project with: Families Connect, Chesters Nursery
Lead Partner: Anne O’Grady, Headteacher of Nursery; Morven Clark, Chair of Families Connect
Timespan of involvement: Twice a week during the school academic year
Other supporters: Glasgow City Council; School Gates Glasgow
Number of GCU Students: 0
Number of GCU Staff: 1
Modes of Engagement: Outreach
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