Migrant women in general and Roma women in particular face significant barriers to obtain meaningful employment. 3500 of Scotland’s total estimated 5000 Roma reside in Govanhill (SM Gateway, 2013). In Govanhill 3,796 (25.6%) of the adult population are 'income deprived', whilst 2,300 (22.5%) are 'employment deprived' and 38.2% of adults do not have any qualifications, (Census 2012). Due to severe levels of poverty and exclusion Roma integration is a concern locally for the NHS and Glasgow City Council. Peña aims to create a programme of learning and which supports Roma women to develop knowledge and skills which enable them to access meaningful employment and in doing so alleviate poverty.

Project Description

A Participant said "it's not just about learning english, its about changing the whole outlook on themselves and helping them realise they're valuable"

Project Aims

To generate a deeper understanding of the issues and opportunities experienced by Roma women who live in Govanhill.

GCU Department:
Social Work
GCU School:
School of Health and Life Sciences
Project Location:
Govanhill, Southside Glasgow
Project budget: N/A
Project with: Soul Food Sisters
Lead Partner: Maria Mikicka
Timespan of involvement: 6 months
Other supporters: Soul Food Sisters, Crossroads Youth and Community Organisation, Community Renewal, Govanhill Community Development Trust
Number of GCU Students: 0
Number of GCU Staff: 0
Modes of Engagement: Mentoring, Volunteering in the community, Public talk/lecture, Workshop, Focus Group
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