Allied Health professionals are increasing seen as having a vital role in “healthy conversations” with patients, clients and the public. People struggle to find the most up to date evidence for many health issues. Some people can't find the information they need. Others complain there’s too much conflicting and complicated information. 

Project Description

GCU physiotherapy Masters students worked in partnership with Glasgow Science Centre, ROAR Connections for Life and GCU People’s Services to design, develop and deliver a series of interactive health promotion activities aimed at informing and engaging the public on a variety of common health topics such as falls, healthy pregnancy, cognitive health and social isolation. The project culminated in an event at the Glasgow Science Centre for school children where the researchers and students created a 'bendy lab' to look at flexibility and the importance of stretching before sport or physical activity. During their interactions with school children at each of the stations on the carousel, students will share the most up to date health evidence in a fun, and accessible way helping people make informed healthy living choices. 

Project Aims

Traditionally Physiotherapists have provided health education to individual people in a health care setting. GCU is using an innovative approach, working with community organisations to develop and deliver enjoyable and informative health promotion messages to a public audience. The initiative is build into the Masters Health Promotion Module and ultimately explores some ways of staying well, getting healthier and preventing common health issues.

GCU Department:
GCU School:
School of Health and Life Sciences
Project Location:
Project budget: N/A
Project with: ROAR Connections for Life Glasgow Sciences Centre: The project is for the general public and GCU staff to inform and engage them on a variety of common health topics
Lead Partner: Tara Gibson, Glasgow Science Centre
Timespan of involvement: 6 months
Other supporters: Glasgow Science Centre, ROAR Connections for Life
Number of GCU Students: 8
Number of GCU Staff: 2
Modes of Engagement: Focus Group