In partnership with the university’s Centre for Climate Justice, the Caledonian Club worked with P6 pupils in each of its 5 partner primary schools to disseminate the initial findings of the bigger Water For ALL project. 

Project Description

Following the launch, pupils participated in in-school and on-campus workshops to introduce the themes of climate change and climate injustice.

Project Aims

Increase understanding of the water cycle

Raise awareness of Climate Change and Climate Injustice

Support pupils to consider water usage within their own community

Question human rights relating to access to water

Increase awareness of different cultures and countries

Utilise GCU’s staff and student expertise to consider solutions to the challenge of Climate Justice

GCU Department:
The Caledonian Club
GCU School:
Outreach and Community Engagement
Project Location:
Project budget: £60000
Project with: Caledonian Club pupils and teachers
Lead Partner: UNILUS – Zambia: Mrs Lilian Zimba, Principal Investigator Mr Brian Mwinga, Research Assistant Ms Mwansa Mwape, Research Assistant Mrs Lucy Mutambo, Research Assistant Mr Kevin Chunga, Research Assistant University of Malawi – Malawi: Dr Blessings Chi
Timespan of involvement: 18 months
Other supporters: The Glasgow Science Centre
Number of GCU Students: 55
Number of GCU Staff: 6
Modes of Engagement: Workshop, Outreach